Wednesday, November 21, 2007


First it was educational technology blogs that I began following, and now I've entered the world of Twitter. I signed up not too long ago, but never truly delved into it until today. Never had the time really until now. However, I can see why it's addictive. I searched for people who had 'education' and 'technology' listed as their interests and added a few people to follow. I've already come across a few new blogs to follow now thanks to that, plus some great links to podcasting tutorials. I think I'm in trouble! Check out my Twitter badge that I found!! I uploaded this picture I took of a redheaded woodpecker to my Flickr account and used that as the background for my badge. Not sure if I'll keep it that way, but it's different than most I've seen so I thought I would give it a shot. Just in case I take it down or change it, here it below for posterity's sake.