Friday, January 16, 2009

Google Notebook Phasing Out? Say it ain't so!

I haven't had a lot of time in the past few days to catch up on Twitter or Plurk, but when I get the indicator on my Diigo tool bar that there is a new message available, even though I'm busy I will at least look at it. Today, I wish I had not because this is what I saw:
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Google notebook

Yes, Google is halting development on Google Notebook. Here is the official word.

Usually Maggie Tsai of Diigo is the bearer of good news, and in this case at least she's (Diigo) is moving to assist those of use who are Google Notebook users when we lose that service. For me, it's not just about the ability to grab pieces of text and URLs. If that is all I want, I use Diigo's highlight feature for that purpose. Notebook is where I store images and text together.

Maggie linked back to Richard Byrn's blog post Free Technology for Teachers: Choosing a Google Notebook Replacement where he not only gave a few more details, but also offered some possible replacements as well. One solution a commenter suggested was to use Evernote, which does have a Firefox plugin. I have an Evernote account, but haven't really needed it since I had Google Notebook. I suppose I will begin using it now in anticipation of the day that I lose Google Notebook. For now, I'm going to start importing my Google notebook exerpts into Google Docs unless I'm able to easily bring them into Evernote.

For even more options, this Lifehacker post, Where to Go When Google Notebook Goes Down, offers some solutions as well.

Yes, I'm going to move on, but right now I plan on sulking for a bit.

Death of Google Notebook