Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Me

I've never been tagged for a meme before until one of my fellow Plurkers, Heidi chose me for the task. The purpose of this meme is to share with others seven things about me that you might not know. Here is Heidi's post about herself since she tagged me. The rules are simple: link back to the person that has tagged you and then tag seven other people. If you would put your name for others to see on this wiki then you can see all of the other social networking people that have done this so far :)

One: I love sci-fi movies and TV shows!! Right now I am anxiously awaiting January 16th when Battlestar Galactica will return for it's final shows. I hate that it's almost over. I remember watching the original series as a child, but this one is soooo much better. Luckily, my boys share my love for sci-fi or I would be the odd ball in the family.

Battlestar Galactica: Season 2
Photo credit: scott.armitage on Flickr - click photo for link

Two: I'm a total sucker for reality shows. Not all of them mind you, but I do get caught up in them. American Idol, So you think you can dance (amazing talent!), The Amazing Race. There are more, but I think I've embarrassed myself enough.
American Idol (16/366)
Photo credit: 427 on Flick - click photo

Three: I scrapbook, make cards and occasionally other items. Right now I'm making cards more than scrapbooking because it's faster and I really need hours if I plan on scrapbooking. Why? Because I LOVE to spread all of my paper, pictures, and tools out everywhere. If I have glitter on my face or my fingers are stained from ink, then you know what I've been doing. I hate to admit this, but I'm something of a "paper whore(der)". That would be a person who collects paper with the intent to use in a project, but then falls in love with it and can't bring themselves to cut it. It's a disease that I need to get over. These are a sampling of a few things I've made, all of which are older items. I really need to take some newer pictures.

Four: I've been to France four times, although I can hardly count my first trip as having "been" there. I got to walk on a beach for all of five minutes and entered France via Calais on a crossing from England. The other three trips were much more significant compared to that. In college, I lived in Tours, France for two months while working on my BSED in Education with a concentration in French. I absolutely LOVED every day I spent there and was fortunate enough to be able to travel around a bit. I took a small group of students to France with me (again going back to Tours) after my first year of teaching in 1994. That was followed by two more trips with students in 1997 and my last trip being in 2000. After that, I left teaching French behind along with the free trips I earned for bringing the kids with me. It was great while it lasted though! Again, here are a few pictures from those various trips.

Five : I was a cheerleader in middle school in a tiny little town called Burlington, KS. I think the fact that I was the only girl who could do a front walk over was reason why I made cheerleader in the first place. That and I can shout really loud. Not exactly being athletically inclined, except for gymnastics, cheerleading was a great outlet for me. Sorry, no personal pictures for this one.

suessian megaphone
Photo by Suessian on Flickr on Flickr

Six: I suffered from temporary insanity back in 2000 and coached a high school cheerleading squad. I have the utmost respect for cheerleading coaches as a result. Dealing with all of that estrogen made me very glad that I did not give birth to girls. Trying to "coach" these girls how to toss each other was a hoot considering I had no personal experience myself. I did learn a great deal about basketball though.

Bowling Green vs. Montgomery County, Montgomery Co. Tourney

Picture by Eagle102 on Flickr

Seven: When I moved from Oklahoma to Washington in the middle of the third grade, I had a persian cat named "Snowy". He stuck around for all of two days in Washington and then deserted us. I didn't get another pet until my mom saw me "playing" with the fishing worms we kept in the refrigerator and that's when she took me to K-Mart and bought me a parakeet. His name was Daniel (after my first crush) and he lived for five years, surviving a move to both Kansas and then to Texas. Daniel was an incredible bird who had a healthy vocabulary of over 50 words! He even knew my name and yelled it whenever I brushed him off of my cup of sweet tea. The little devil would land on our dining room table where we had puzzle pieces spread out, pick one up, walk to the edge, drop it and then laugh. However, we were hardly amused. This pic below is close to what he looked like, but his head was yellow instead of white. I miss that bird!

The Bad Boy

Photo by Pliabletrade on Flickr.

Well, this ends my meme. Unfortunately, I think most everyone has already done a meme such as this or I would tag you myself. However, if you haven't done one, please let me know. I'll edit this post to tag you and then you can carry it on.

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