Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two sites to share...

The following two sites were ones that came via my Google Reader from the website. They post quite often, and these were two that caught my eye.


Keyboardr is a search engine of a different breed. I know, I know....not another search engine, right? I've looked at a lot of engines, but this is the first that I've found that actually displays the search results as you type them. No need to hit enter or click on search. Simply begin typing your keywords and the results appear in the window.

Pretty cool. But Keyboard doesn't stop there. Not only does it give you search results as you type, but it also offers Wikipedia, You Tube, and Google blogs, and Google Image search results as well. I typed in "educ" and these were the results I received even before finishing the word "education".

I'm always a sucker for sites that are geared for photos (even if I don't use them very often), but every once in a while I need to create a panorama picture, but I don't have software that will do that for me. Now, I don't need any thanks to Clevr, an online panorama creator. It allows you to stitch a series of photos together into one picture. Below are some of their other offered features as well as some sample panorama pictures created with their service.


Joe Corbett said...

Great sites, I'm going to give them a closer look soon! Thank for adding yourself to the Ed Tech Tweeps going to NECC 2009. Hope you make it, if you any info you know where to find me!