Thursday, July 10, 2008

How NOT to use Power Point

I was searching for a completely different video and ran across this one on TeacherTube and thought I would share it. It's funny, but the scary thing is that I know people who use Power Point like this!


Lesley Edwards said...

I showed this to students this year and they loved it. Some of them even took the advice offered when they prepared their presentations. LOL! I also imposed a 3-word per slide rule to help get them thinking outside the template.

Mark Carls said...

Absolutely hilarious and I've seen it done recently with white background throughout and packed with words! I was hoping he'd analyze the "Comic Sans' font people. I have to save this video on Teacher Tube. David Jakes and Dean Shareski presented on good PowerPoints at NECC and have hopefully gotten me away from ALL the words!

Caroline OBannon said...

@lesley edwards - I think the 3-word per slide rule is a great idea for getting anyone to think "out of the box" regarding how to use Power Point. I feel Power Point has really hurt our students' ability to publicly speak. They have gotten too reliant on the words on the slide instead of using it as a tool to prompt and support their topic.

@mark carls Thanks for reminding me about David and Dean's NECC presentation. I need to see if that was recorded so I can watch it myself.