Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You know you're a geek when....

You squeal upon discovering that Wikispaces has added a new feature. There I was editing one of my wikispaces and I moved my mouse up to boldface a word I had just typed and "Bam!" there it was. A new bold little "A" icon with color stripes underneath it.

Wikispaces has fonts and color!

Could it be?

I clicked it and that's when I let loose a squeal that embarrassingly attracted the attention of my office co-workers. It wasn't the squeal that so much made my cheeks rosy, it was having to explain the reason behind my outburst. Laughter followed of course, but they all know how much I love using wikis and a few admitted that they, too are happy to now have that option. One person even said that this was the happiest she's seen me in a long time.

Am I that pitiful? No, I'm a just a geek who grins and yes, squeals when I get new techie "toys", even something a simple as text formatting. Here's hoping Wikispaces gives me plenty more reasons to squeal in the future. For page level access, I might even dance on my desk.